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Cala Gonone

Dorgali is located at 456m. above sea level. It’s population , according to the 1991 census, reaches 8035 inhabitants who live in town and in sea district called cala gonone . since its territory covers 225 sq. Km, it is one of the largest municipalities in Sardinia . It is also one of the most fortunate ones because of the variety of its landscapes: the Orosei gulf crystalline waters and the Supramonte unpolluted mountains, which constitute it’s precious natural patrimony.

This town can be easily reached from the major Sardinian cities (Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano , Olbia)by the state road nbr. 131 direction Abbasanta/Nuoro- exit Lula/Dorgali. It is connected to Cagliari and Olbia through the State Road nbr. 125, also called “Orientale Sarda” or Sardinian Eastern Road, that connects the towns located in that region. Such a road is long and tortuous but full of incredibly beautiful panoramas.

Arts and crafts, agriculture, cattle breeding and tourism are some of its economic strengths. It’s economy is characterized by the integration of and the strong ties between it’s different economic sectors.The wine-grower cooperative, the cheese producer association , the olive-grower cooperative, the carasau bread bakeries, as well as it’s many confectioneries are the main sectors of this agriculture based economy.

Even though technology is accepted here, traditional knowledge is still well preserved. Ancient knowledge, together with fantasy , can be found in many arts and crafts shops whose wares are numerous: such as filigree, ceramics, rugs , hides, knives, wood , all neatly displayed in the towns’ main streets. Tourism has helped to preserve ancient activities and trades. Such activities have been well kept and yet renewed by the new generations of artisans, who have combined classic shapes with very new and original styles.

It is necessary to remember it’s rich and – easy to reach- cultural heritage represented by many prehistoric archeological sites spread over the town surroundings.

Dorgali is also proud of its two museums: the archeological Museum (Museo Civic o Archeologico) and Salvatore Fancello Museum (Museo Fancello), dedicated to the young ceramist who died during World War II .

It’s sea, beaches and unpolluted natural coast represent the incredible natural richness that cala gonone offers to tourists. A well-known sea resort located at only 8Km from Dorgali, it has many modern and efficient tourist structures. Hotels are mainly family run and they offer a warm welcome, which is well established after decades as tourist accommodations are also available to ensure a-inclusive holidays.

Un'intera giornata partendo dal porticciolo di Cala Gonone in direzione Sud per raggiungere Cala Luna, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzè e i piccoli fiordi di Monte Santo.
Sul veliero, i legni curati, gli ottoni lucidi e l'efficiente servizio di bordo, regalano un'atmosfera suggestiva come gli scenari che si susseguono... fare il bagno nelle acque turchesi, rilassarsi, gustare un aperitivo e altri sapori di mare... lasciandosi cullare all'ombra delle grandi vele.

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