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A dreams coast: the Orosei gulf

The Orosei gulf is located an the east coast of the island of Sardinia , between the Punta nera (north) and the Capo di Monte Santu (south). A very sharp geological division separates this gulf in two differents regions. Their landscapes are different regions. Their landscapes are different as well as the origin of their territories. The northern territory is characterized by a low altitude coast, sand beaches and pine woods behind the beaches . the southern territory, where cala gonone is found , is characterized by a calcareous mountain chain, covered by typical Mediterranean maquis (macchia mediterranea ).

Monte Irveri, on the north , is right behind cala gonone , some of its slopes lead directly to the sea and the others to the mountain chain where Monte Bardia (882m.above sea level) and Monte Tului (961 m above sea level) are found .

Such awesome natural scenery remained isolated from the inland due to its high rock barriers, which kept it unreachable for many centuries. The total lack of urban settlements or coastal roads make this wild coast one of the most interesting ones from a ecological or environmental point of view. From a tourist point of view, the most appealing aspect in this gulf is probably it’s beaches. Most of them are only accessible from the sea. They show all their beauty between slopes, cavers ad rock arches.

The central beach is a pebble and sand beach near to the harbor. It’s calm sea water, it’s tree shadows at the border of the sand, as well as it’s fountain, make this beach the one most visited by families with children. Along the sea-front, called Lungomare, the palmasera beaches are found.

These are free small beaches in front of the town which can be reached directly from the road.

Sos Dorroles and S’Abba Meica are 300m, away from the parking lot at the end of the Lungomare and at a walking distance. A golden steep natural wall protects these beaches from the northern wind called maestrale. Heading towards the south along the coastal road, which stars at the camping site, after 3 km. one can reach the reef white pebbles beach called Ziu Martine.

After half a kilometer the asphalt road ends, which is on top of cala fuili beach and of its canyon. Very thick vegetation made of junipers and typical Mediterranean maquis can be found between the rock walls. It offers lots of shade and freshness to tourists and anymore who wants to practice free climbing on those steep slopes.

Cala fuili is the last beach south of the town, which can be reached by car. From there, by a two-hour trek, cala Luna can be reached along a path located on the opposite wall of the asphalt road. This is a fascinating itinerary, visited by some on a kayak or canoe, so that they can better observe the many bird species of this coast, such as the colonies of Eleonora’s falcom (falco della regina), Royal sea gulls and Corsican Seagulls.

Un'intera giornata partendo dal porticciolo di Cala Gonone in direzione Sud per raggiungere Cala Luna, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzè e i piccoli fiordi di Monte Santo.
Sul veliero, i legni curati, gli ottoni lucidi e l'efficiente servizio di bordo, regalano un'atmosfera suggestiva come gli scenari che si susseguono... fare il bagno nelle acque turchesi, rilassarsi, gustare un aperitivo e altri sapori di mare... lasciandosi cullare all'ombra delle grandi vele.

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