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Celebrations and local folklore

Ancient pagan rites still mix with the sings of the catholic religious traditions, festivals of classic and modern music with the participation of famous international artists, together with some minor activities, especially during summer time. Make stay in this place full on fun. The fuoco di sant’antonio (“St. Anthony’s fire”), which has been held punctually after many centuries, on the 16th of January, before the commemoration day of this saint, is one the most original ones in the whole island. Very fragrant rosemary bushes are burnt in this purifying fire which enlightens the town.

During those celebrations held in the quarter of the town dedicated to that saint , guests are invited to taste the wine of the season and the special sweets: su pistiddu. During carnival time, we advise watching the horse race along the corso Umberto , which is located in the historic center of Dorgali. Just until a few years ago, many people attended the celebrations held at the country-side. Those were religious commemorations, which usually ended with big meals, held close to the rural churches spread over the country-side around Dorgali. The festa del mare (“sea feast”), held in mid-July in cala gonone, shows a suggestive procession on the sea representing one of the main religious dates activities signs the ferragosoto (15th of august) in Dorgali.

The procession of people riding horses is a must for those who love traditional folklore. This is also the occasion to admire typical customs, which are colorful and rich in precious jewels. The celebration dedicated to saint Cornelio and saint cipriano is attended by many people who sing and dance at a town square. It lasts several days during the first week of September. Among the sagra, which is a typical town feast , we advise attending the month of June , held at the square by the harbor in cala gonone . this is a gastronomic date for all gourmands who can find many products from the orosei gulf.

Cala gonone jazz festival is an already internationally known music appointment. It has counted with the participation of some of those sacred gods of the afro-american sounds.      


Affacciato sullo splendido Golfo di Orosei, il Parco Blu Club Resort di Cala Gonone è un'accogliente struttura di 36 camere immersa nel verde della costa orientale della Sardegna.

In posizione panoramica sul Golfo di Orosei, l’Hotel Cala Gonone Beach Village è costituito da 304 camere hotel, tutte dotate di patio o terrazzo.

Di nuova costruzione, concepito con linee architettoniche di pregio, l’Hotel Cala Gonone Beach Village è costituito da 304 camere hotel, tutte dotate di patio o terrazzo.

E’ gestito in formula club con staff di animazione e Club per bambini.


Dotato di una piscina di 1000 mq, con zone riservate ai bambini, un campo polivalente di calcetto e un campo polivalente per tennis e pallavolo in erba sintetica e un grande anfiteatro.

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