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Flavors and aromas

The millenary agricultural and shepherds tradition in barbagia (where Dorgali is located at ) is shown in its flavors at the tables of restaurants and agritourism structures I town. They are preserved in the ancient gastronomic knowledge. Genuine menus made of sea food and different types of meat , full of fresh products are professionally prepared by town cooks.


Culinary traditions

Among the best dishes in Dorgali we suggest the delicious ravioli or anzelottos ( that is their name in local dialect). They are stuffed with fresh cheese or ricotta ( a sort of cottage cheese), seasoned with ragò sauce and covered with a layer of scraped cheese. the original frattau bread , a first course considered as a country tradition poor dish, made of several layers of carasau bread( also called” carta da musica”=”music paper”). It must be quickly dipped in salty water and then seasoned with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese ( sheep cheese).

Although, the “prince of the table” in Barbagia is absolutely su porcheddu, which is rousted young pig, a deliciously aromatic dish seasoned only with myrtle leaves and salt. Unique dishes coming from genuine shepherd’s traditions are su tattaliu (small spits full of pieces of heart ,liver, lung , mixed with pieces of pork fat ). All of which is covered by bowels. There is also sa cordedda roasted (interlaced lamb intestines).

Good quality, freshness and lots of fantasy when mixing the ingredients are the main features of the sea-food menus offered here. Tourists can find delicious lobsters and fine sea bass fish from the orosei gulf. It is recommended not to miss a typical Sardinian specialty: the bottarga (dried and smoked ullet eggs) which is usually spread grated on spaghetti and then seasoned with olive oil and parsley. The delicious fish gnocchi are absolutely a must. This is a dish which combines delicate sea food with traditional land ingredients. Such a characteristic can also be found in the lasagna alle zucchini e scampi ( lasagna with zucchini and shrimps), where country-side flavours can be very well tasted together with sea food. This can be found again in the capponi con le patate dish (scorpion fishes). To finish with desserts, we must not forget the seada, which is filled with cheese and garnished with honey or sugar. All these good dishes can be enjoyed in local restaurants as well as during the short cruises organized by tourist operators, who serve them directly on the ships: whether inside fresh caves or in the shade of the small fjords around the coast.

Cheese, wine and olive oil

A mixture of tradition and modernity characterizes the different types of cheese made in town ( we suggest a visit to the local dairy shop). Besides the classic and tasty sheep cheese “pecorino “, we suggest trying the “taedda”, sort of provola cheese made out of cow milk . it is excellent served roasted and spread with honey. We also suggest the “frue”, a goat or sheep-milk curd, delicious with salads and tomatoes. There is also the very tasty “caprino” ( goat cheese), as well as sweet or hot cheese creams to spread on the carasau bread and the fresh and salty “ ricotta” (a cottage type cheese). 

Dorgali is a motherland of the “cannonau” wine , as stated on historic ancients roman documents, as well as the recognition obtained in Italy and abroad. The local wine-growers’ cooperative (“cantina sociale”) produces a wide variety of wines: classic red cannonau D.O.C. (good with meat), young filieri (red and rosé), the Santa caterina new wine ( the first new wine to be product in Sardinian), cala Luna white (advise for fish dishes), appreciated red noriolo and grappa.

Another typical and genuine product of the Dorgali’s economy is olive oil. The introduction of modern technologies for harvesting and processing olives has not caused any bad effects; on the contrary , it has increased the value and quality of this noble seasoning. The strong activity of the local olive oil cooperative has increased the quality of the product which is easily available in local restaurants and shops.



The sweet tradition of this town is rich on specialties, which can be easily bought in its many local confectioner’s shops, many of which are located on the central “ via lamarmona” and in the small streets of the historic center.

We suggest:”bistoccu d’ou”, a very soft Savoyard which is always found in Dorgali’s homes; tasty “papassinos”, which are biscuits made of puff pastry stuffed with raisins and pecan nuts; classic and soft “amaretti” (almond paste biscuits): “S’Aranzada” with orange skin, whole almonds and honey; “pistiddu”, a tart made with puff pastry stuffed with orange skin and “ vin cotto “ (cooked grape must), traditionally offered in January during the celebrations for St.Anthony;”Sas Orrulettas”, fried sweets garnished with honey and sugar, typically offered during carnival time.

Un'intera giornata partendo dal porticciolo di Cala Gonone in direzione Sud per raggiungere Cala Luna, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzè e i piccoli fiordi di Monte Santo.
Sul veliero, i legni curati, gli ottoni lucidi e l'efficiente servizio di bordo, regalano un'atmosfera suggestiva come gli scenari che si susseguono... fare il bagno nelle acque turchesi, rilassarsi, gustare un aperitivo e altri sapori di mare... lasciandosi cullare all'ombra delle grandi vele.

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