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A physical fitness holiday

Trekking , free climbing, hang-gliding, parapenting , mountain biking, horse riding, kayak , canyoning, bungee jumping, diving , speleology are just a few of the many sports activities that allow one to discover the rich natural environment of this area. Here tourists will be able to find many sporting guides and professional instructors who can offer logistic assistance to any sports experts, as well as training courses for beginners. This is a real natural paradise for anyone willing to practice sports which are related to nature. But it is also a very good place for anybody who loves classic sports, such as tennis, kart, bowling, indoors soccer and volleyball and that can be practiced in the modern sports center located in cala gonone. The constant pleasant and temperate climate ensures open-air sports most of the year round.


How to discover nature while sailing through it.

The kayak and the canoe.

Sea and river itineraries, an agreeable climate most of the year, professional sports centers and unique natural landscapes make for a pleasant, comfortable and adventurous vacation based on canoeing. Sea itineraries are also possible during winter time, especially in January when the sea becomes flat and smooth like oil , when there are hardly any clouds on the sky and the temperature is not too cold. The river itinerary along the cedrino artificial basin, which is fed by calcareous waters coming from the supramonte , ties together different activities, such as sports, bird-watching. The curious geological (a nice color mixture from calcareous white to dark basalt shapes) and interesting cultural sites ( the Nuraghes to watch the ancient river ways or the gracious small san Pantaleo church, located at the top of the hill, isolated because of flood waters.



Biking allows one to be close to nature and to discover many secret. Some may be big , some may be small, but all them come as a gift from the environment to careful and curious visitors.The variety found in this territory offers bike riders many possibilities: easy bike riding along comfortable paths, as well as more difficult mountain bike paths along the steep esplanades in supramonte. There are bikes for rent, bike assistance and very little car traffic, as well as an articulated country-side road system to satisfy the many expectations for those who love to ride on two wheels. For bike riders who wish to combine sport and sea bathing, we suggest the itinerary Dorgali/cala gonone-cartoe and Osalla beaches (see box).


To dive in blue waters searching for the past

There are many diving points, war remains from the second world war to watch, submarine caves to visit, which may fascinate and satisfy divers looking for excitement. Already well-established experience by local diving centers ensures logistic assistance for experienced divers, as well as training courses for beginners. Among the most meaningful dives there is :cala Luna wreck (relito di cala Luna ), which is in front of the same beach, at 30 m. deep , lying on the ground of the sea. It is the Italian merchant ship “Nasello”, suk during the last war. At the north of cala gonone , two miles from the long Osalla beach, at 30m. deep, after several dives it is possible to find the KT12, a cargo from the military German marine , which lies on its sailing stowage .These are very colorful itineraries which show blue , yellow and orange waters and hill walls shades. They become nice surprises for all those who practice snorkeling or sea watching. All one needs is a mask, flippers and snorkel.


Let’s reach the sky: free climbing

There are easy routes, good for all those who wish to learn the climbing art by using just their bands on the steep rock walls as well as long and difficult itineraries, which have been proved and tested by some of the best climbers of the world. Their curious names:”poltrona” (arm-chair) and “budinetto”(small pudding) show two natural climbing walls , which are internationally famous.They can be easily reached just a few hundred meters away from cala gonone , direction Dorgali, turning to the right at the first dirt road. We also point out the pineta walls, since they are very close to Dorgali and can be reached directly from the long straight highway ring up on its hills. 

To walk along the sea and the mountains: trekking

For tourists who love nature, it is a difficult choice deciding what path to follow. Here one can find the very exclusive “selvaggio blu”, which is quite complex. Its full walking itinerary lasts approximately one week and requires very good physical shape, as well as experience. But there are some others which just last half a day. We would like to point out the tour along the coast, which connects the fuili beach with the famous sand pearl, which is cala Luna (see box). Not to forget the excursion towards the gorropu gorge made of impressive 400 m. high walls, among the highest in Europe. We also advise the suttaterra and Ghivine woods, large forests which cover the marine slopes of supramonte.To reach them it is necessary to leave the ca on the state road 125, direction baunei, just a little before the sign for Km. 193.


On nature wings

To fly o a glider over enchanting landscapes allow one to look for freedom and be amazed by the irregular shape of the mountains underneath.There are equipped runways used by cars , which easily lead to unique takeoffs. There is a unique runway close to the old tunnel , which can be reached from the panoramic observatory. It unfolds itself just a little after the tunnel towards cala gonone.


Riding to feel deep excitement

The small but strong Sardinian horses make possible to feel the unique excitement of riding along splendid panoramas and to discover an unpolluted environmental heritage.There are guides available, as well as a riding school to guarantee horse excursions along valleys, rivers, mountains and beaches on most of the Dorgali territory. The ride along the codula ilune to reach cala Luna at the end is a real must. We are also hereAmong others , one can practice here waterskiing , canyoning (for which the slope along the codula de fuili is very appealing) photography safaris, fauna watching, dish shooting, tennis (also in the evening). Not to forget socializing and fun group sports. Such as beach volley (many competitions are organized during summer time), or indoor soccer ( in the evenings too).

Un'intera giornata partendo dal porticciolo di Cala Gonone in direzione Sud per raggiungere Cala Luna, Cala Biriola, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzè e i piccoli fiordi di Monte Santo.
Sul veliero, i legni curati, gli ottoni lucidi e l'efficiente servizio di bordo, regalano un'atmosfera suggestiva come gli scenari che si susseguono... fare il bagno nelle acque turchesi, rilassarsi, gustare un aperitivo e altri sapori di mare... lasciandosi cullare all'ombra delle grandi vele.

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