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Cala Gonone.
The crystal-clear sea of the Gulf of Orosei and the unspoiled mountains of the Supramonte are its enviable natural heritage.

Discover with us what to do in Cala Gonone to make your holiday in Sardinia unique.

Aperitifs and nightlife

"What to do after a day at the beach or in the mountains"

Shopping and beach equipment

A collection of products and advice to better enjoy your days on the beach

Get to Cala Gonone

The town can be easily reached from major Sardinian cities (Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano, Olbia) by taking the s.s. 131 - Abbasanta/Nuoro branch - Lula/Dorgali exit. It is also connected to Cagliari and Olbia by the s.s. 125 (also known as the "Orientale Sarda" because it connects all the towns along the eastern coast of Sardinia), which is longer and more winding, but rich in incredible panoramic views.

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